seaweed dark


On strong windy days here in Miami, the warm Caribbean ocean churns like a washing machine, and pulls all the seaweed out of hiding. Though it is a nuisance when ...


We can thank the zodiac sign, Aquarius, for bringing us the double zigzag that represents water and the water bearer. A cool, transitional style Zigzag with a steel gray background beneath ...

coral keystone


  Keystone is a coral composed of the fossilized remains of thousands of tiny marine animals. This very hard, durable coral keystone formed some enormous reefs millions of years ago. ...

Floor Cloth Designs


A transitional style Zigzag at it’s best in shades of lime, white, ...

Hopi Return/1

For the Hopis in Arizona this sacred symbol had a wide range ...


In history, legend and myth, the majestic peacock is a symbol for ...

Ocean Flower/1

A simple ocean flower design inspired by the patterns I find in ...

Jungle Floral/2

A brilliant jungle floral design just waiting to brighten up your tropical ...

All Things Grow with Love

A simple country design affirming that all things grow with love. Sizes ...

All About Our Floor Coverings

Save Our Oceans With An Ocean Sea Rug

I wish I could say my motivation for making this post is to celebrate our oceans, and though it is intended for that, our oceans are in fact dying. I recently read a story about a sailor, Ivan Macfadyen, who sailed a race from Melbourne, Australia to Osaka, Japan ten years ago, and then did […]

Navajo Designs And Symbols

  Some of the most timeless and sought after textiles in the world are those which represent Navajo designs and symbols. It is believed the Navajo began using their weaving skills sometime around 1650 after they migrated from the north down to the Southwest. Though the arrival of the Spaniards in this region was not […]

Custom Designs For The Perfect Rug

Over the years I have had many different types of rugs on my floors. I had a lovely, floral, wool rug in shades of green, yellow and aqua on my living room floor after looking at over sixty rug designs. I finally found this one that complemented my decor perfectly. But after only a few […]

Art On The Floor

A famous perspective was introduced in the 1860s suggesting a nation’s architecture and design were a direct reflection of the social and political health of that nation. While much has been written honoring the men of major design and architectural movements, many women designers contributed significantly to the furnishings of the modern home. It would […]

Floorcloths As Kitchen Rugs

I have always wondered when I have a party, and go to parties, why everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. Maybe it is as simple as our human love for food. Yet, I have been to parties at elegant homes with luscious spreads of food on the dining table with gorgeous living rooms that […]

Feng Shui For A Harmonius Home

Feng Shui is the ancient art and practice of creating living spaces and environments which flow in harmony with the universe.  This holds true whether it is a land property or an actual house. The manner of design and placement can affect one’s life either negatively or positively. Feng Shui is based on the Chinese […]

Color For 2013

Every year interior designers choose new, trending colors with which to create fresh, unique looks in home decor. As well, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year. I am always fascinated by the process by which these colors are chosen. It is clear this process involves tuning in to the global vibration, […]